Pennine Brewery

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Pennine Brewing Co.
Pennine Well Hall Farm,
Tel: 01677 470111


9072 Ale Trail

Amber Necker – 3.8% ABV

Look – Sparkling tranquil amber

Taste – A great session beer with a smooth and creamy texture and a fantastic hoppy aftertaste.

Smell – Nutty and Citrus

9072 Ale Trail

Best Bitter – 3.9% ABV

Look – Nutty Brown Colour

Taste – Mellow bitterness, followed by a spicy blackcurrent aftertaste, with a smooth creamy head







9072 Ale Trail

Natural Gold – 4.2% ABV

Look  – Golden

Taste – Golden colour, sweet pallet with great hoppy and smooth aftertaste.

Smell – Floral


9072 Ale Trail

Real Blonde – 4.0% ABV

Look – Bright and Golden

Taste – Not your typical blonde, which is finally balanced in hops and natural sugars that combine to add a fruity aftertaste

Smell – Hoppy and oranges


9072 Ale Trail

Real Blonde – 3.9% ABV

Look – Blonde beer

Taste – Bright sparkling blonde with a great aroma and smooth refreshing aftertaste.