Hambleton Ales

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Keld Close Barker Business Park,
Melmerby Green Ln,
Tel: 01765 640108
Email: office@hambletonales.co.uk
Web: www.hambletonales.co.uk


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BITTER ABV – 3.8% a golden bitter with a good balance of malty and refreshing citrus notes leading to a mellow tangy finish.

Look – Pale Straw
Smell – Fruity, Lemon, Apple
Taste – Zesty, Tangy, Sweet


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NIGHTMARE ABV – 5.0% a smooth, massively flavoured creamy drink, best served on the warm side allowing full appreciation of the roasted barley rearing out of this four malt brew.

Look – Dark Mahogany
Smell – Roasted Coffee, Burnt
Taste – Smooth, Chocolate, Liquorice


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STALLION ABV – 4.2% a distinctly malty character, with a hint of nuttiness, from Crystal and roasted barley.

Look – Golden Amber
Smell – Toast, Roast, Malt, Hoppy
Taste – Fruity, Citrus, Clean


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STUD ABV – 4.3% robust beer from Pale and Chocolate malts. Created to combine a hint of subtle Northdown bitterness with a styrian Golding aromatic finish.

Look – Golden Straw
Smell – Fruity, Pineapple, Lemon
Taste – Sweet, Crisp, Sharp