What is Cask Marque?

The Cask Marque scheme is operated by an independent body called Cask Marque Trust which is a limited company, limited by guarantee, and a non profit making organisation. The company is run by a management committee elected by its members. The members who pay a subscription include representatives from brewers, retailers, trade bodies and consumer groups.

Pubs that join the scheme are visited unannounced by an independent assessor twice a year. In the first year they are visited twice in the first three months and in subsequent years they are visited once in the summer and once in the winter.

The assessor checks all cask ales on sale for – temperature, appearance, aroma and taste.

If all beers reach the required standard then the pub passes and it receives a plaque, framed certificate and merchandising material to inform its customers of the award and their rights.

Consumers are encouraged to comment independently on the quality of cask ale in the pub to the Cask Marque organisation and further visits are made if required.

You can learn all about the great British pint with Cask Marque’s online course by clinking below and at the end you get a certificate to hang on your wall;

World’s Biggest Ale Trail

You have landed here because you have scanned a QR code on a Cask Marque certificate and/or are interested in finding out more about the World’s Biggest Ale Trail. To participate you first of all need to download the CaskFinder app. Visit iTunes/Android Play store and search for CaskFinder.

How does the World’s Biggest Ale Trail Work?

Download the CaskFinder app

Click on ‘ale trail’

Register – you only have to do this once and your details will never be passed to any 3rd parties

Scan QR codes on Cask Marque certificats in Cask Marque pubs to win prizes

If for any reason there is no Cask Marque certificate showing in the pub please ask the bar staff where it is. All Cask Marque pubs will have been sent a new one

What prizes can I win?

Scan 25 barcodes and receive a Cask Marque fridge magnet bottle opener

Scan 50 barcodes and receive a Cask Marque t-shirt

Scan 100 barcodes and becomes a Cask Marque ambassador. As well as appearing on our website and being invited to any regional events we may run, get a free place on our beer appreciation course.

Scan 300 barcodes and win 4 17oz breughel glasses

Go to our website to find out more Cask Marque. or to locate your nearest Cask Marque pub click here.